Dinner & Conversations

This summer, Solomon's Porch will offer Dinner & Conversations on Sunday evenings at 6pm.

You are invited to host a conversation. These conversations are meant to be varied in topic, location and size. Each month, there is a repeating rhythm for locations - at the Solomon's Porch building, in a home, at a restaurant. 

There is no minimum nor maximum number of people for a Dinner & Conversation, but 8-person conversations have a certain vibe and magic to them, so as you plan to host, think about a setting of eight.

You may decide that your chosen conversation is best for one week and in one of those settings, or you might want to have a conversation run for three weeks consecutively and will do it in all three settings; or you might want to have an ongoing conversation only in homes, so it will take place once a month; or, well, you get the idea - you can customize it any way you like.

It is ideal if there are multiple conversations each Sunday evening, so don't hesitate to make your offering. We'll post confirmed dinners on this page. For dinners at Solomon's Porch or in a home, you can decide if it is a bring your own or if you want to prepare a meal.  On the form you will be asked by what means would you like to receive RSVP's.

August 20 (at a restaurant) - Sign up to host
Doug Pagitt - "Greater Than" book content input
Town Hall Station, Edina
No RSVP needed

August 27 - Baptisms