Solomon’s Porch is hiring a staff position - Curator of Presence, Engagement, and Operations. Below you will find the job description text and links to download the job description. If you are interested in applying please follow the link below for a short form and opportunity to submit your resume and cover letter. Thank you for your interest in the Curator of Presence, Engagement and Operation Position.

Curator of Presence, Engagement, and Operations

Solomon's Porch is a Holistic, Missional, Christian community located in Minneapolis. Our church is a church of people not an event created by the leaders. We envision community at Solomon’s Porch as a reciprocal process: participants shape the community and, in turn, are shaped by the community. As those in our community share their stories and live out their dreams, we believe Solomon’s Porch is enriched.

Solomon’s Porch is seeking a Curator of Presence, Engagement, and Operations to help shape our community. We are looking for someone who has experience in team leadership, people management, strategic planning, and administration.  We desire to hire an individual who is confident, creative, and seeks to live life authentically.

We expect the position to require a commitment of approximately 30 hours per week.

A physical presence in the Solomon’s Porch building will be necessary to successfully meet the responsibilities of the position.  Compensation is $40,000/year.

Areas of Responsibility

The Curator will take on the responsibility of informing, inspiring, caring for, and developing the Solomon’s Porch community. These responsibilities will be articulated through three primary areas of responsibilities: 

Presence: Developing and caring for the health of Solomon’s Porch community and its physical infrastructure and building use and presence (including work with in-building efforts and businesses).

Engagement:  Inspiring and guiding our community’s collective role in being of benefit and blessing to the world. Provision of leadership for the external engagement of Solomon’s Porch - for example, further developing our friendships internationally and identifying opportunities for deeper connections through neighborhood relationships.

Operations: Maintaining our responsible management of financial and capital resources including budgeting, bookkeeping, legal compliance, etc. Management of administrative and human resource processes including creation and maintenance of a staff and volunteer culture that is supportive, collaborative, anddynamic.

Reporting Relationships

       This role will work closely with and report to the Curator of Community Life and Faith (currently Doug Pagitt).

       This role will supervise regular activities and job roles of all Solomon’s Porch staff and outside contractors.

       This role will work closely with volunteers and organizational groups of Solomon’s Porch.

You might be the right fit for this position if you:

       Have had 3+ years experience in an organizational leadership role.

       Are highly relational, strategic, and forward-thinking.

       Have strong communication and administrative skills.

       Desire to be/or are deeply invested in our active and lively community.

       Thrive in settings of hope and possibility.

       Like having fun.

Application and process for submission of cover letter and resume can be found here.

Email questions can be directed to