Solomon’s Porch is hiring a staff position - Cleaning Specialist. Below you will find the job description text and links to download the job description. If you are interested in applying please read below for instructions on submitting your resume and cover letter.

Cleaning Specialist

Solomon's Porch is a Holistic, Missional, Christian community located in Minneapolis. Our church is a church of people not an event created by the leaders. We envision community at Solomon’s Porch as a reciprocal process: participants shape the community and, in turn, are shaped by the community. As those in our community share their stories and live out their dreams, we believe Solomon’s Porch is enriched.

Solomon’s Porch is seeking a Cleaning Specialist to help maintain the overall cleanliness of the Solomon's Porch facilities and help in providing an open, welcoming space to all who visit our building throughout the week.

This non-exempt, part-time position will be 6-8 hours a week; typically Sunday afternoon or Monday by mid-day, one day midweek, and one time before weekly Gathering. Working schedule negotiable within reason.

This position pays $364/month ($4,368/year); based on the above-stated hours, this will amount to $12/hour.

Essential Functions

·       Weekly cleaning of the building, including dusting, cleaning all floors and carpets, first-floor and basement kitchen-cleaning, maintaining coat closet, cleaning windows, and cleaning restrooms.

·       Emptying trash and recyclables at least twice a week.

·       Maintaining stock of toilet paper, soap, and paper towels in all restrooms.

·       Maintaining well-organized closets of cleaning supplies.

·       Keeping an updated checklist of cleaning duties.

Other Responsibilities

·       Occasionally assist with set-up and take-down for special events, as needed

·       Working closely with Maintenance Specialist

·       Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications

·       General knowledge of cleaning techniques, including stain removal, disinfecting, and natural products

·       Basic computer skills, including email and calendaring

Physical Demands

·       Lifting a minimum of 50lbs at a time

·       Spending 80-90% of work time on your feet doing a wide variety of moderate physical activity 

Core Competencies

·       Self-motivated: Can collaborate with a team, while accomplishing the majority of tasks individually. A self-starter who stays motivated and focused.

·       Industrious: good at problem-solving with the tools at hand.

·       Proactive: Attends to problems or messes before they arise.

·       Flexible: Willing to adapt to varying schedules and level of work required from week to week.

To Apply

·       Email resume and cover letter to by January 25th, 2018.

Email questions can be directed to