Sunday Gatherings

Solomon’s Porch gathers as a community on Sunday mornings with children's programming for toddlers through 12 grade at our morning gathering.  

All of our Gatherings are designed to be interactive. The set-up of the furniture is in the round to help us engage with one another during the music, prayer, and discussion. So while it may seem a little odd to face people during church, give it a chance for a while and see how it grows on you. 

The music we use in our Gatherings is “home grown” as an expression of our faith. Go ahead and start singing along as you learn the music and feel comfortable.

Children are an important part of Solomon’s Porch. We offer childcare and age appropriate activities for toddlers through high school aged people at our 10:00am gatherings. We include children in the main gathering until they are invited to go their classes after sharing communion with us. Parents pick up their children after the gathering ends.

While Sunday Gatherings are an important part of our community, they are not the only way we live life together. All the events, groups, and meetings are equally important and valid ways to be part of Solomon’s Porch. We invite you to join us in person at any of our gatherings, meals, or conversations. Click here to see our weekly newsletter for information on activities to participate in.