IMAGE © 2018 YWCA Minneapolis

IMAGE © 2018 YWCA Minneapolis

  • Dates: Saturday, February 24th & Saturday, March 3rd
  • Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Location: Solomon's Porch - Gathering Space
  • Cost: $25 per person for the two-week training (childcare available for $5 per child per week)

Whether it’s your own kids, your classroom, or simply a group of kids you care about, it can be tough to know what to say to them about race and when to have those conversations.

  • How do we teach kids about history without saddling them with pain, shame or guilt?
  • How do we talk with them about the present and the future without creating a sense of hopelessness?
  • How do we create young people who will grow into adults ready to take action and advocate for racial justice?

Join us to discuss these questions and more! This training will be conducted by the Alicia Sojourner; they have previously conducted this training with the YWCA of Minneapolis.

About the Trainer
Alicia is a self-proclaimed hip-hop purist and racial equity advocate in that order. Currently, Alicia is the first Racial Equity Coordinator at the City of St Louis Park. They are driven by supporting opportunities to capitalize on innovative practices within organizations that improve their workplace culture by addressing some of our most difficult social workplace problems. Alicia’s work includes but is not limited to: team development, equity toolkits, baseline assessments, diversity and inclusion workshops, identity-driven leadership for leaders of color/LGBTQ, consultancy, and executive coaching.

Alicia is an Intercultural Development Inventory® qualified administrator, Kingian nonviolence conflict reconciliation and leadership trainer, racial justice facilitator and trainer, and Real Colors® personality certified facilitator. Over the years, Alicia has been involved in many personal activities including: sitting on the Aeon board of directors and supporting homes for all, acting as a member of Interfaith Children’s Advocacy Network, leading a support group for parents who are parenting on their own, raising awareness of the opportunity gap of children with disabilities in communities of color, and working to end disparities in employment for LGBTQ2S of color in Minnesota.

Alicia has been awarded the Beat the Odds Award through the Children’s Defense Fund of Minnesota and the Young Alaka'i Award for working with marginalized youth and was the winner of Inspiring Women by the WNBA Minnesota Lynx.

*Alicia uses the pronouns They/Them