Support Baby Nannies in Guatemala

Sunrise, 5:26am - Sunset, 9:03pm
$375 per team - 15 hours - $25 per hour

Lake of the Isles, Bde Maka Ska, Lake Harriet

Create a team, join a team, or do it yourself!

If you are Walking, Running or Rolling this Thursday and you want to meet up with others for fun or to join them, here are the meeting times and places.

5:26am - 11am Lake of the Isles - Meeting place - between E Calhoun and James Ave S in the grassing area look for small tent

11am-5pm - Bde Make Ska - Meeting place Thomas Beach on the South side of the lake where Upton meets the lake

5pm- 9:03pm - Lake Harriet - Meeting place Playground by the Bandshell. 

Followed by a celebration at the bandshell with “Make Music Twin Cities - Sousapalooza”