Covenant Participants

Solomon’s Porch is organized as a “collective.” We are not so much an institutional organization but more a group of people who are seeking to join together in whatever God is up to in the world. We believe that is best accomplished as we are in community with one another.

This living of life together will take on many forms. One of those forms involves being in a committed relationship with our community. We call this relationship being a Covenant Participant and it comes with benefits and responsibilities as all relationships do.

The official structure of Solomon’s Porch is designed around Covenant Participants. Because it is a collective, all other structures are simply ways of organizing and working as Covenant Participants. There is no hierarchy or leadership group at Solomon’s Porch. Solomon’s Porch is made of Covenant Participants.

Covenant Participants are Solomon’s Porch. The 200 or so Covenant Participants make the decisions of our community, set our agenda, and are ultimately responsible for Solomon’s Porch. Since participation is the best way to benefit from this community, we try to make being a Covenant Participant straightforward and readily available.

Being a Covenant Participant is open to all and is a self-defined designation.  Covenant Participants are called to join in the life of Solomon’s Porch with their time, money, effort, and dreams. While we hope that all Covenant Participants participate fully in our community, there is no mandate of participation or behavior.

If you consider Solomon’s Porch your church, then please consider involvement as a Covenant Participant.

If you are interested in being a Covenant Participant, just let us know.