Kindergarten and first grade

  • Students begin their time in Story Circle. Over the course of the year, students create a linear narrative of our faith by reading a short story from the Bible, specifically, The Jesus Storybook Bible.
  • Next, the students reflect and respond to the story. Children draw their response, reflection or illustration to demonstrate their understanding of the story. Teachers do not question, correct, or prompt their drawings; this serves only as a way to allow children to process and interact with the story at an age-appropriate level. All of their drawings are compiled and when their books are complete, we have a reception to show off the student's creativity and thoughtfulness.
  • When they are done with their drawing, the children have free play. Students play with a variety of manipulatives in the room. (ie: Legos, Little Pet Shop animals, lacing cards and beads, puzzles, etc.). This time serves to unify the group through shared social experiences.