Amy Anderson Photography

Amy Anderson Photography

Children at Solomon’s Porch Fall 2019

Dear Solomon’s Porch Adults,

Fall means transitions of all kinds, including here at church. The Children’s Planning Group, along with a few other wonderful adults, have been delighted to spend time with our church kids for the past 6 months. We have created nurturing environments for LITTLES (toddlers-K), MIDDLES (1st-5th) and 6-1-2 (6th-12th).

As we move forward we are asking for your participation. Will you please sign-up for the weeks that work for you? (5:15-6:10pm)

LITTLES: we need 2 adults per week to meet children in the Family Room at 5:15. One person will LEAD (read or tell a story that expresses lived faith in the world). Both adults will play and engage with children. We WELCOME the 6-1-2 youth in this role.

MIDDLES: we need 2 adults per week (if possible). The LEAD will be given a short summary of what the group has been learning, playing, processing, discussing, discovering… and options for activities that fit with the theme. LEAD will initiate Our Prayer (written and posted in the room) and initiate introductions (“Please share your name and one thing that made you smile today.” - or another question of choice). Both adults will engage with the children - listening to and nurturing the inner-spirit of each child and guide them in cooperative community building and joy.

6-1-2: Mason and Tami have been leading the teens and would like additional adult participation in the lives of our youth. This fall Mason will implement some new curriculum called ANIMATE which includes a video and a prepared lesson plan for group discussion. Please talk with Mason about your desires.

Thank you for your participation!!

Jamie, Shelley, Cecka, Riley, Tami, Mason