Our Dreams

When Solomon’s Porch was in its formation stage in 1999, we articulated a list of 23 dreams of what were hoping our community would be. The dreams are not a to-do list or a measuring stick. Rather, they are a simple articulation of what we were hoping for in and through our community. Our dreams have evolved as our community has developed, but we put these here to honor where we came from.

We dream of a church where:

  • People are deeply connected to God and each other in all of life; body, mind, soul and spirit
  • Beauty, art and creativity are valued, used, and understood as coming from God
  • Culture is met, embraced, and re-envisioned
  • We listen to and are obedient to God
  • Joy, fun, and excitement are part of our lives
  • Peoples’ visions and ideas come to life
  • The kingdom of God is increased in real ways in the world
  • The Biblical story of God is told and contributed to
  • Biblical justice, mercy, grace, love, and righteousness lead the way
  • Truth, honesty, and health are a way of life
  • We value innovation and are willing to take risks as a community
  • Those who are not involved in church would become an active part of it
  • Worship of God is full, vibrant, and real
  • Faith, hope, and love are the context for all
  • People would become followers of God in the way of Jesus
  • The next generation of leadership is built up and leaders are servants
  • Everyone is equipped to do ministry
  • God’s Spirit takes precedence over all structures and systems
  • Christian Community is the attraction to outsiders and the answer to questions of faith
  • People participate in the kingdom of God in accordance with their abilities and gifts
  • We are connected to, dependent on, and serve the global Church
  • People learn the ways of God and are encouraged to make it central to their lives
  • Other churches are valued and supported