Three to five years old

  • Preschoolers are (loosely) divided into two groups. Young preschoolers are approximately three to four years old, and older preschoolers are approximately four to five years old.
  • Young preschoolers begin in the Preschool Playroom on the main level where they engage in community-building activities through free play. The Preschool Playroom is designed to promote positive social experiences and compliment the theme of the month. There are no “typical” individualistic elements in the Playroom (ie: books, puzzles, manipulatives), but rather elements which encourage children to play together (ie: play kitchen, train table, block area, sensory table, light table).
  • Older Preschoolers begin in the lower level to participate in Early Childhood Spiritual Formation practices. Each month, there is a theme based on a Fruit of the Spirit, which are experienced through a rotation of elements. The first week of the month is “Art,” the second week is “Music,” the third week is “Story,” and the fourth week is “Dance.”
  • After thirty minutes, the Young Preschool group and the Older Preschool group switch. Younger Preschoolers move downstairs for Early Childhood Spiritual Formation, and the Older Preschoolers move upstairs to the Preschool Playroom.