June 30th Gathering

From Victor’s reflections on the Holy Spirit:

For me, I see the Holy Spirit as the power to live my values:

  • My comforter when I’m lonely (other than my dog, Charlie, of course).

  • My advocate for a difficult situation at work when I want to defend myself but can’t.

  • The teacher who shows me what love really is, and what it isn’t.

  • The one who gives me peace when I’m so stressed I can’t go to sleep

  • The voice that reminds me to be kind because I’ve received so much kindness 

Through it all, I’m learning to accept and embrace my humanity. Because God does and always has. The Spirit empowers me how to be my best version of myself. I hope that for you too!

Going Forward Together

Community Cohorts of Belonging:

ie - 

Advocacy and Action

Service and Benefit 

Spiritual Formation and Growth

Personal Connection and Transformation

Yoga Sanctuary 

Wellness Center 

Learning and Exploration 

In Residence: 

Paid 1-3 month Residencies throughout the entire community 

Alternating starting and finishing schedules

ie - 




Staff to Support the Structure

ie - 


Children (Children’s engagement in and through our community)


Direction and Integration 

Connection and Interaction 

Weekly Gatherings 

Built on a 4-8 week series model utilizing the Residents along with core organizers.

Fresh start of content and style with each series

Emphasis on Christian formation 

Utilizing varied modalities of engagement 

Say Together 

Sit/Stand Together 

Sing Together 

Easy access to entrance with intentionality given to welcoming new people