Talking to Myself


Talking to Myself: A Show that Celebrates Stories. This monthly show is part performance, part support group, and all you. We all have some sort of story to tell, real or imagined, living inside us, and we might need a home for it. Talking to Myself is a chance to move whatever story you have rolling in your brain (and maybe even your bones) from the stage in your mind to a stage of friends and strangers. Be it a story (comedic, tragic, both?!?), a novel (maybe just a chapter…), skit, part of a movie script, or some other format we have yet to discover, we welcome your stories in whatever form they take. 

Talking to Myself is run by Josh Krohn, who has performed countless times in front of imaginary audiences in his mind - to mixed results - for too long. Come stumble your way with him in this new experiment one Thursday every month. 

Resuming shows in September

7:30pm - Doors
8:00pm - Show
9:00pm -  Beverages & Hanging (BYOBeverage)

If you have a story in some format or another you'd love to share contact Josh Krohn. If you just want to listen and watch, your presence is strongly encouraged.