Solomon’s Porch Staff Transitions



It has been the honor of my life to be the pastor and leader of Solomon's Porch. I have been led by and loved by this community in ways far beyond what I ever could have expected when we started this hope-filled journey way back in 1999. I am grateful beyond words.

And, I am confident this is the time for us to make a change in my role. I believe both my stage in life along with the wonderful benefits that will come from a fresh level of passion, commitment, and care for the Solomon's Porch community make this the ideal time for us to take the vital step of hiring my successor.

I do want to stress that this is a change I am in favor of and that I believe is being made for the purpose of and with the intention to support the life of Solomon’s Porch and the people of this community.

My role at Solomon's Porch has not only been as a founder and pastor, but more importantly, as a member of our community. I am excited to remain an active member of our beautiful and diverse community. I look forward to supporting the person in this role with the same love, dedication, and support that I have experienced for two decades from all of you.

I will be at the service of our new leader in any way she, or he, finds supportive, helpful, and useful.

There are many decisions for us to make in the coming weeks and months, and I very much look forward to seeing the beautiful future this process leads us to. Please join me in staying engaged in the Solomon’s Porch community through this transition. This time in the life of our community is full of great hope and possibility for the future and it’s going to require all of us offering ourselves, and committing ourselves, to staying a part of this community as we make the next chapter.

Many factors have led me to conclude that this is the right time for this change. Like many significant decisions in life, many circumstances come together to make the time right. These are impossible to rank, or weight as some being more important than others, so this list is not in any particular order of importance, but they all play a role.

  1. Twenty years is a long time. Much has changed in society, church, and most importantly, in each of us. There is only so much good idea input any of us can have, and my voice and opinion being so active for all these years have served its purpose, now it is time for new voices.

  2. A bit more on 20 years. It has become evident to me that as loved as I am in this community having the same person (even with the changes over 20 years) loses its impact. People, including me, benefit from new fresh ways of approaching topics, leading, and being a pastoral presence.

  3. The need for fresh passion and energy. I believe our community would benefit from someone putting in the kind of passion, commitment, and work that I have done for these last two decades. And, truth be told, that is just not something I will be able to do at this age the way I was in my 30’s an 40’s.

  4. The “Social Location” of a 53-year-old man. The kind of leadership that I believe will take us forward, in my view, resides in people who have life experiences that are different than mine.

  5. I am interested in a supportive rather than lead role. While this is not what is driving my opinion that a change is needed, I am very much looking forward to the “grandparent role.” Shelley and I are experiencing this with our own children seeing there is a special kind of role we can have with grandchildren precisely because we are not having to do the work of being the parent. I am looking forward to experiencing the community of Solomon’s Porch in the role of supporting a new vibrant leader.

  6. The timing is right for this change. With the changes we have experienced over the past year, Ryan moving to Austin, and the option for me to have a job role with Vote Common Good this timing makes sense.

It has been with faith in God, the love of Christ for all, and the leading of the Spirit that we have walked together since 1999. I look forward to doing so to 2039, and beyond, as we seek to be a benefit and blessing to all the world.

The Solomon’s Porch Steering Committee (Adam Cerling, Brent Peterson-Hilleque, Cecka Parks, Dave Mulder, and Jessie Krohn) has been working on a budget-neutral plan for how to rebuild our staff going forward. Here are the details so far:

  • A committee of Porch members will hire a full-time Community and Spiritual Leadership role. This hiring committee will include two members of the SPSC (Cecka and Dave) along with 5 at-large community members. Doug will serve in an advisory role to the hiring committee. Contact Dave Mulder if you are interested in being on this team. Read the full job description here and apply by sending a cover letter and resume to Resumes will be accepted through mid September, 2019. This position will be filled in Fall 2019.

  • Doug will remain present and engaged in the life of Solomon's Porch, but he will transition into a mentorship and advisory role for a new Community and Spiritual Leadership person, at the discretion of said new person.

  • The children’s group (Cecka, Jamie, Mason, Riley, Shelley, and Tami) will be hiring an interim children’s person on a part-time basis. Read the job description here and apply by sending a cover letter and resume to This position is open until filled.

  • We will continue to employ the services of Anrias, Inc. to do bookkeeping, and will expand those duties to include some more responsibilities as well.