The activities designed for the children of Solomon’s Porch are the product of three major influences: brain development, Fowler’s Stages of Faith, and the unique attributes of our community.

Brain Development Fowler’s Stages of Faith Solomon’s Porch
Infants and Toddlers Social/ Emotional: Shy/anxious around strangers Prefers regular caregivers/parents Developing object permanence Physical: Culminates in walking 9-15 mo May crawl on stairs Learns about their world through touch, experience Cognitive: Imitates others Very short attention span Language: Increasing attention paid to speech Begins to respond to verbal requests Great variance in language abilities Stage 0: Infants and Toddlers Primal or Undifferentiated Faith Early learning of the safety of their environment ie: Warm, safe, secure vs. hurt, neglect and abuse Infants: We are a community that LOVES babies. We want to nurture, connect and be reminded of our connection with God. We want to hear each other’s laughter and cries.Toddlers: We are a community of nurturers. We want to connect with each other, know each other and learn to trust each other. We want children to know they are safe and loved.
Preschoolers Social/ Emotional: Imitates adults and peers Expresses emotions Understands right/wrong Separates easily from parents Physical: Runs, jumps, climbs May prefer to be in motion Walks on stairs Cognitive: Loves imaginary play Follows three-part command Attention span relates to age Language: Speech is understandable to strangers Tells stories Understands longer stories Stage 1: Preschoolers Intuitive-Projective Faith Characterized by the psyche’s unprotected exposure to the unconscious We are a community of artists, musicians, storytellers and dancers. We want the Fruit of the Spirit to be present in our lives. We want children to know and enjoy each other.
Elementary Social/ Emotional: Able to distinguish fantasy from reality Prefers structure Capable of introspection Increasingly independent, industrious, self-directed and goal-oriented Physical: Refines and masters complex gross and fine motor skills Cognitive: Concrete operational thinking replaces egocentric cognition Thought process more logical and rational Develops the ability to understand others Language: Recalls and retells stories Understands concept of past and future Stage 2: Elementary Mythical-Literal Faith Strong belief in justice & reciprocity of the universe. We are a community that loves to learn. We want to share the stories of our faith. We want children to know that .they are a part of a bigger story.